3. The Division of the ArteΒΆ

Before I come to a more particular declaration of this Arte, it is requisite I use some general division. Wherefore it is to be understood, that as in all other arts, so likewise in this (men forsaking the true science thereof, in hope peradventure to overcome rather by deceit than true manhood) have found a new manner of skirmishing full of falses and slips. The which because it somewhat and sometimes prevails against those who are either fearful or ignorant of their grounds and principals, I am constrained to divide this Art into two Arts or Sciences, calling the one the True, the other, the False art: But withal giving every man to understand, that falsehood has no advantage against true Art, but rather is most hurtful and deadly to him that uses.

Therefore casting away deceit for this present, which shall hereafter be handled in his proper place and restraining myself to the truth, which is the true and principal desire of my heart, presupposing that Justice (which in every occasion approaches nearest unto truth) obtains always the superiority, I say whosoever minds to exercise himself in this true and honorable Art or Science, it is requisite that he be endued with deep Judgment, a valiant heart and great activity, In which three qualities this exercise does as it were delight, live and flourish.

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