12. The Method Which Shall be used in Handling the Chapters FollowingΒΆ

Forasmuch as I ought in the Chapters following to teach more particularly all the blows and defenses in every ward, (to the end that no man do marvel why I do not perform the same, and do think that the instruction is therefore imperfect) I think good (because my purpose is now to entreat of that only which pertains to true Art, to the which the blow of the point, or thrusts, are most agreeable, being more ready and strong than any other) to handle them principally, and yet not so, but that I will also talk of edgeblows when in my treatise I come to that place where it shalbe most commodious to strike therewith, placing them near to their wards and defenses, although against all edgeblows this is the best defense, to strike by the right line before the fall of the enemy’s sword, for, being delivered in shorter time, it withstands their fall and lighting. The order I say, which I will observe, shalbe, to lay down every ward, their blows and defenses, but principally of the point, then of the edge, if need require.

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