18. The Defense of the Low Ward at Single RapierΒΆ

Because both the downright blow, and the reverse are very easily defended in this ward, I will not stand to speak of any other then of the thrust, restraining myself thereunto. The which thrust, if at the first it be not withstood, may prove very mortal and deadly. Therefore, when this thrust is given within, it must be beaten inwards with the edge of the Rapier, requiring the turn of the hand also inwards, and the compass of the hindfoot, so far towards the right side, as the hand goes towards the right side. And the enemy shall no sooner have delivered the thrust, and he found the sword, but he ought to turn his hand, and with a reverse to cut the enemy’s face, carrying always his forefoot on that side where his hand goes. If the enemy’s thrust come outwards, then it is necessary, that with the turn of his hand he beat it outwards with the edge of his sword increasing in the same instant one slope pace, by means whereof he delivers his body from hurt. And therewithall (increasing another straight pace, and delivering his thrust already prepared) he does most safely hurt the enemy.

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