22. The Offense of the High Ward at Rapier and DaggerΒΆ

As in handling the single Rapier, so likewise in this, it shall not be amiss to begin with the High ward, which in managing these two weapons may be framed after two sorts. The one with the right foot before, which I call the first : and the other with the same foot behind, which I will term the second. This second requires a greater time, because the point of the sword is farther off from the enemy. The first (being more near) with the only increase of the foot forwards, strikes more readily, yet not with more forcible than the second, which, when it strikes with an increase of a straight pace, joins to the force of the arm and hand, the strength of the whole body.

Beginning then with the first, as with that which each man does most easily find: I say, he ought if he will keep himself within the bounds of true Art, to thrust only with the increase of the foot forwards, settling himself in the low warde.

In the second way, which is framed with the right foot behind, the sword aloft, and the dagger before, and borne as aforesaid, he ought in like sort discharge a thrust as forcible as he may, with the increase of a straight pace, staying himself in the low ward. Neither ought any man in the handling of these weapons to assure himself to deliver edgeblows, because he knows that there is an other weapon which defends : For he that defends has the self same advantage, to wit, to be able to with one weapon (and happily the weaker) to defend himself and strike with the stronger. The which stroke is painfully warded by him, who has already bestowed all his force and power, in delivering the said edgeblow, by means whereof, because there remains in him small power to withstand any great encounter, let him provide to thrust only.

Of all, or of greater part of the edgeblows, aswell of striking as defending, I will reason at large in the Treatise of Deceit.

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