24. The Hurt of the Broad Ward at Rapier and DaggerΒΆ

In each weapon and ward, I have laid down as a general precept, that no man ought, (either for the procuring of any advantage, either for striking the enemy more readily) deliver blows of the edge. And in like sort, I have said, that easily and with small danger, one may be struck under any such blow : which precepts, as in each time and place, they ought to be observed: so in this ward principally they may not be forgotten. For a man may not without great discommodity and loss of time, strike with any edgeblow, as he stands in this ward.

It rests therefore, that the thrust be only used, which ought to be delivered with the increase of the foot forwards, always regarding before it be given (if it be possible) to beat away the point of the enemy’s sword with the Dagger.

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25. The Defense of the Broad Ward at Rapier and Dagger

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