50. The Hurt of the Broad Ward at the Sword and Square TargetΒΆ

In this ward likewise, the enemy may be invested on the point of the sword, by going forwards as straightly as is possible, and by striking quickly before the enemy. For the Target (whose charge is only to defend) is so great, that it may easily ward all edgeblows, and those chiefly which come from the knee upwards. Farther, when a blow is pretended to be delivered, it is manifest, that a thrust does enter by a more narrow straight than any edgeblow does. And therefore, when one would strike the enemy standing at the lock or low ward, he must remember that he approach as near him as he may possible: and being so near, that with his Target put forth one handful more forwards, he may beat away the enemy’s sword, then by so beating of it, he shall increase a left pace, and presently after it, with the increase of the right foot, deliver him a thrust, if it so chance that at the first encounter he strike him not strongly.

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