52. The Hurt of the Low Ward at the Sword and Square TargetΒΆ

There are many blows to be bestowed, standing at the low ward, all which I esteem as vain and to no purpose, considering the manifold and abundant defense of the Target. Therefore I will restrain myself unto two only which are very strong and hardly to be warded. And they are two thrusts, the one within, the other without, with the right foot both before and behind.

When one finds himself within, with his right foot before, and so near his enemy, that by the increase of a left pace, he may with the right side of his Target, beat away the enemy’s sword in the middle thereof, then he ought nimbly to increase that left pace, and (closing in the enemy’s sword between his Target and his own sword) to deliver a forcible thrust at the thighs, with the increase of the right foot. He may also do the very self same when he finds himself to stand with his right foot behind, but then he must farther of the right foot first, and then continuing still force his sword and paces directly onwards, if he hit not the enemy as he would at the first.

But if it chance that he find himself without, then he must (having first found out fit opportunity to beat off the enemy’s sword with his Target) increase a left pace, and placing the high side of his Target under his enemy’s sword and his own sword upon it, closing it in, in the middle, increase a pace of the right foot, and discharge a forcible thrust, at the breast or face. And he may do the self same, when he stands with the right foot behind.

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