59. The Defense of the Broad Ward at Sword and Round TargetΒΆ

Because in every occasion or accident a man stands safe in the low ward, I will endeavor in this case, to place him also in the same ward, for the encountering of the hurt of the broad ward. That therefore which by mine advise he shall do, is that -eat heed, not to suffer his sword to be beaten off any manner of way. And when the enemy without this beating presumes to enter, he must in the self same time increase a left pace and safely deliver a thrust underneath with the increase of the right foot. And farther, when the enemy shall perform, that is, first find the sword and beat it off, (seeing of necessity if he would enter and hit home, his sword must pass by the circumference of the Target near the hand) then, to withstand the entry, it is requisite that he drive the enemy’s sword outwards on the right side with his Target and with the increase of the said pace, that he enter and strike him.

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