69. Of the Defense of the Low Ward at Two RapiersΒΆ

All three thrusts of the low ward, by standing at the same ward, may easily be warded, and that after one manner. If a man remember first to void his body from hurt, by the increase of a pace, that is very slope, or crooked, either before the enemy comes thrusting, either as soon as he moves himself for the same purpose, or if he be active and nimble to traverse, and in defending himself to strike the enemy.

Therefore when any of the same three thrusts come, and before he perceives his Rapier to be closed, and barred in, he shall move a slope pace, to the intent to avoid himself from hurt, and with his Rapier, which is at liberty, he shall go forwards and deliver a thrust at the enemy’s face, which thrust, does surely speed, if he be resolute to enter.

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