72. Of the Defense of the High Ward at Two Hand SwordΒΆ

The low ward, shall be the defense of the high ward, and it may be framed with the right foot before and behind, in such sort, as the said high ward, the which shall be declared in his proper place.

Therefore, regarding to place himself for his defense in the low ward (and that directly contrary to his enemy, that is to say, if the enemy stand with the right foot before, to put his left foot foremost, and as the thrust or downright blow comes) he shall encounter it without, and as soon as he has found the enemy’s sword, he shall void his cross hand, and increase a pace, and therewithall deliver a thrust, with the pommel hand, as far as it will stretch out. The which thrust will easily speed, if the enemy come resolutely in delivering of his blow: for he shall come directly to encounter the point of his sword, with that part of his body which increases forwards. Thus much for the defense of the high thrust.

The downright blow may be warded, if whilst the enemy’s sword is in his compass, he nimbly deliver a thrust under it. or else, if he would encounter it, (as soon as he has so done) he do void his cross hand, and with the increase of a pace, thrust as far forth as the pommel hand will stretch out.

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