74. Of the Defense of the Low Ward at the Two Hand SwordΒΆ

It is a general rule, that the true defense of all blows is the low ward. Therefore, when one stands thereat, if there come a thrust without (because it is necessary in this case to stand within,) he shall do no other then encounter the enemy’s sword, and thrust his arm forwards, to the end he may void it from his body, and farther retire his foot more backwards, and as it were, in a compass, thereby the better saving his body from hurt.

But if the thrust come within (by reason whereof he should stand without) as soon as the enemy’s sword is encountered, he shall deliver a thrust with both his hands, and then voiding his cross hand, he shall deliver it strongly with his pommel hand, with the increase of a pace. And this thrust does safely speed. Neither is it to be doubted, that by holding the sword with one hand, the enemy may take holdfast thereof, for he has enough to do, to retire himself, and ward the thrust, neither can he perform so many things in one time.

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