77. Of Bill against Bill, Halberd against Halberd, or Halberd against BillΒΆ

Forasmuch, as the Bill and Halberd, have the self same offense and defense, and be of one length: I thought it not good to make two Treatises thereof, because I should be forced to repeat the self same thing in both, the which, being superfluous, would breed loathsomeness. I say therefore, that whosoever would handle the Bill or Halberd, which being all one, I will name indifferently, by the name of the Halberd, I say, to him that would use them, and strike aswell with the point, as with the edge, which blows at these weapons are mighty and forcible, it is necessary, that he consider the difficulty in striking with the point, and the danger in striking with the edge. That it is difficult to strike with the point, it is most clear, because the full course of the point, may very easily be hindered and tied, by means of so many hooks and forks which are in the Halberd.

And that it is perilous to strike with the edge, has been declared when I entreated of the single Rapier, which peril ought the more to be considered in this weapon, because by means of his length, it frames a greater circle, and therein gives more time to enter under it.

Therefore no man may safely handle the Halberd, if first he does not consider these two things, the one, (which he may very hardly withstand) and that is the thrust, because these hooks and forks, are properly belonging unto it, and are impossible to be untied and taken away, when a man would, the form being as it is. 2. The peril of the edge blow, may some time be voided, if he be nimble and bold, performing all that in due time, which shall here be laid down for his instruction.

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