30. An Advertisement Concerning the Wrapping and Warding of the CloakΒΆ

There are two ways (in these days) to wrap the Cloak, the one is, when one having leisure takes the Cloak by the cape or collar, and so folds it once or twice about his arm:  The other is, as often times it falls out, when letting the Cloak fall down upon from the shoulder, it is happily taken by one side, and so is turned once or twice about the arm.

Now as concerning striking a man ought in the handling of these weapons as he would strike, first to increase and carry the one foot near to the other, and then farther to increase a half, not a whole pace, as in other weapons: For at these weapons, it is dangerous lest (making a whole pace) he entangle his foot or feet in the Cloak and fall down therewith. And this must be taken heed of, in the first and second folding, but principally in the second, because in it the Cloak is longer, and therefore does more easily touch the earth and entangle his feet: In the first told, although the cloak not touch the earth, because the arm does orderly bear it, yet by reason of weariness, the arm falls and causes the foresaid effect.

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