31. The Hurt of the High Ward at Rapier and CloakΒΆ

In these manner of weapons as in others, I will frame three wards: The first by the foresaid reasons, shall be the high warde, which in these kind of weapons more then in any other deserve the name of a ward. For the Rapier (something bending) wards as far as the cloak hand, and the cloakhand down to the middle leg: so that in this ward a man is warded from the top of the hand down to the foot. Therefore standing at this ward, whether it be with the right foot before or behind, he may deliver a thrust with the increase of a half pace forwards, staying himself in the low ward.

The right edgeblow ought to be delivered from the wrist without any motion of the feet, resting in the low ward: but in delivering of the reverse, it is necessary to fetch a whole pace, and in a manner straight. If the enemy ward it with his sword, then the encounter of the enemy’s sword, must be stayed suddenly with the Cloakhand in the first part thereof, and a thrust be delivered underneath, with the increase of a straight pace.

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