33. The Hurt of the Broad Ward at Rapier and CloakΒΆ

In this ward, as well as in others, a man may both thrust and strike, yet diversely; For he may not discharge a right edgeblow beneath. And the reverse is manifestly dangerous: So that, when he is to deliver it, he ought to perform it in this order.

First, he shall drive a thrust, fetching a compass with his hindfoot, that by that means it may reach the farther, then suddenly (without moving of himself) he shall deliver a right edgeblow, from the wrist, after the which presently, the reverse must follow, with the increase of a pace of the right foot: and further, must follow on the thrust already prepared, and increase the like pace.

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32. The Defense of the Thrust, Right and Reversed Blows of the High Ward at Rapier and Cloak

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