45. Of the Defense of the Low Ward at Sword and BucklerΒΆ

For the defense of all these thrusts, it is necessary that he stand at the low ward, and standing thereat, whilst the thrust comes which is delivered with the right foot behind, he shall do no other, than in the selfsame time, deliver a thrust at the thigh or breast, turning the hilt of his sword against the enemy’s sword, and compassing his hindfoot, withal bearing his body out of the straight line, in which the enemy strikes. And in this manner of warding does not only defend, but also safely hurt.  For the defense of the other two thrusts, the one within, and the other without, a man must take great heed, and it is very necessary that as the enemy increases pretending to strike safely) he carry a slope pace with the left foot and deliver a thrust above hand, upon the which the enemy of himself shall run and invest himself. And it is to be considered, that in these thrusts, he that defends has great advantage: For the enemy comes resolutely to strike, not thinking that it may in any other sort be warded then by giving back, But he that wards by increase in, defending and drawing near unto the enemy, is so placed that he may easily hurt him.

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