46. Of the Sword and Target, called the Square TargetΒΆ

It is most manifest, that the Target is a most ancient weapon, found out only for the use of warfare, and peculiar quarrels between man and man : albeit, since the finding thereof, there have been devised by the industry of man a thousand ways to serve them at their need: From whence it has come to pass, (because it seemed convenient unto the Professors of this Art) that this weapon was very commodious and profitable, aswell for his fashion, as for it is a mean or middle weapon, between the buckler and the round Target: That they have framed a special kind of play therewith, although it differs from the other two weapons in no other thing then fashion. Therefore, diverse professors of this Art, being moved some by reason of the form, some by the bigness, and some by the heaviness thereof, have accustomed to bear it after diverse ways, Those who make most account of the heaviness, would for some consideration, that the right and proper bearing thereof, was to hold it leaning on the thigh, not moving there hence, but being greatly constrained thereunto.

Others, who esteemed the form and bigness thereof, because it seemed unto them that the Target without any motion was most apt of itself to ward all that part of the body which is betwixt the neck and the thigh, bare it with their arm drawn back and close to their breast. The which opinion, I mean not at this present to confute, forasmuch as by the showing of mine own opinion, it shall appear how mightily they were deceived in the holding thereof, from the true holding whereof springs all the profit which his form and bigness does give it.

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