48. The Hurt of the High Ward at the Sword and Square TargetΒΆ

Many Deceits, Falses, and Wards, may be practiced in the handling of these weapons: All which I reserve to the treatise of Deceit or falsing, as unto his proper place, framing likewise in this all the rest, three ordinary wards, upon which, all the rest depend, and against which they may be opposed.

Standing at this high ward, and pretending to strike the enemy, it is first of all to be provided, that one steal a false pace from behind, and then discharge a thrust above hand, with the increase of another half pace forwards, which being warded by the enemy with his Target only, not moving his body, he may then increase a straight pace of the left foot, and (somewhat lifting up his hand, and abasing the point of his sword) force a thrust from above downwards between the Target and body of the enemy, with the increase of a pace of the right foot: the which thrust will safely speed the enemy, if his body be not first voided. The self same thrust may be delivered in this high ward, standing with the right foot behind.

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