47. The Manner How to Hold the Square Square TargetΒΆ

Being desirous to bear great respect aswell to all the qualities of this Target (Figure 13)(which are, the form, the bigness, and heaviness) as unto that wherewith it may either help or hurt, I say (if a man would that the form thereof do bring him profit without hurt) it is to be held with the high point thereof upwards respecting the head: the part opposite, the low parts of the body: the right part thereof, the right side, and the left, the left side: from this manner of bearing spring these advantages. First, a man may more easily see his enemy, and view what he does by the point of the corner, which is on the one side, and that is by the high point, by which, if he would behold his enemy, from the head to the feet, it is requisite that he carry his Target, so low, that he discover not too much of his body which is above it: to the warding whereof he cannot come again, but discommodiously, and in long time.

low ward with sword and target

Besides, the said commodity of beholding the enemy, there is also another that is of this warding: For the Target being borne after this manner (framing a triangle) the sharp corner thereof respects the forehead, and the sides thereof so spread themselves, that through the least motion, any big man whosoever, may stand safe behind them. And if blows come at the head, be they thrusts or edgeblows, all of them light upon one of the said sides, behind which stands the head safe without hindering of the eyesight. The other two sides of the Target, right, and left, with very small motion, ward the right and left side of the body, in such sort, that a man may also draw back his arm: For the left side of the Target wards the elbow, which it does not do, when the high side thereof is carried equal. To conclude therefore, that in holding the Target, his bigness may the better ward, for the causes abovesaid being superfluous to be repeated again, I counsel, it to be held with the arm stretched forth from the body, not accounting the heaviness to be hurtful, because continues not long in so holding it: and if the too long holding be painful, he may draw back his arm, and rest himself. The better to do this and to be able to see the enemy, I say, he shall hold it, his arm stretched out, with the high point outwards, respecting the forehead.

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