95. Of the PikeΒΆ

There may be used some deceit also in the Pike, although it be a weapon void of any crooked forks, and is much more apt to show great valor then deceit. And for as much as it has no other then a point to offend, and length to defend, for that cause there may be used no other deceit therewith, then with the point: and considering true art, is not the mark that is shot at in this place: I say, it may be borne after diverse fashions, as shalbe most for a man’s advantage, as either at the end, either in the middle, either more backwards, either more forwards, as shall be thought most commodious to the bearer. Likewise, one may frame three wards therewith, to wit, the first straight, with the arms equal: the second with the point low, the third, the point high, falsing in each of them a thrust, either within, either without, ether high, either low, and then immediately forcing it on resolutely, but contrary to the false, and carrying always the hind foot towards that side, to the which the Pike is directed to strike. In handling of the pike, a man must always diligently consider, so to work that the hind hand be that which may rule, drive on, draw back and govern the Pike, and that the fore hand serve to no other purpose then to help to sustain it.

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