96. The Defenses of the Deceits of the Weapons of the StaffΒΆ

I have not as yet laid down the defense of the Bill, and the rest, because they are all one with this of the Pike. And I mind to handle them briefly all together, considering that in these a man may not either render false for false, or take holdfast of the weapon. And although it might be done, I commend it not, because it is a very difficult matter to extort a weapon that is held fast with both hands. That therefore which one may do to defend himself, is to have recourse unto true Art, remembering so to ward the enemy if it were a true blow, and to strike before the enemy spend another time, in delivering his resolute thrust, And to take heed in delivery of his blows, that he be nimble and carry his body and arms so aptly and orderly applied, that the weapon wherewith he strikes may cover it wholly. And here I make an end of deceit, in practicing of the which, there is this consideration to be had, so, always to false, that if the enemy provide not to ward, it may reach and hit home, because being delivered in such order, it loses but little time.

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